aviation Products for sale

Not only do we stock Rotax spare parts we also have a range of other items that may be useful for your type of aircraft.

Prices incl GST


  • Aeroshell Sport Plus 4 - used in Rotax Engines

  • Aeroshell W100

  • Aeroshell W100 Plus

  • Aeroshell S100

  • Aeroshell Fluid 41 - Hydraulic fluid

  • Aeroshell Oil W15W50

  • Philips 66 X/C 20W/50

Please call us if you are looking for any of these aviation related oil products.

We sell one-off bottles and cartons of oil from our workshop in Tauranga but if you out outside of our area then we can arrange to have a carton of oil sent directly to you.


We have a limited stock of Beringer parts. Our main items are Brake Disc, Brake Pad sets and Wheel O-rings. If there is something else you need for your plane then just call us to check as we may have the item in stock.

  • DSC-006(A) - Brake Disc

  • DSC-008.2(A) Brake Disc

  • PQT-003(A)/004(A) - Brake Pad Set

  • PQT-009(A) - Brake Pad Set


There are a variety of items that we carry and here are just a couple of small examples for your aviation requirements.

Plexus Plastic Cleaner

13oz can

We have a small variety of pilot accessories

We have a variety of tubes and tyres for your plane type.