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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulates civil aviation in New Zealand.

The CAA checks that the rules established by The Minister of Transport for all pilots, engineers, aircraft operators, airlines, air traffic controllers, aerodrome operators and regulated air cargo agents follow to keep aviation safe and secure are being complied with. The CAA has the power to take action if these rules are not followed.

The CAA also monitors safety and security performance throughout the aviation community so that they can direct safety efforts where they are needed most.

Safety publications are produced by the CAA - are well worth reading and available at Solo Wings or via the CAA. For further information and tips check out: www.caa.govt.nz

Recreational Aircraft Association of NZ (RAANZ) act as the controlling body for the clubs and other bodies engaged in the sport of building and flying Recreational Aircraft in New Zealand.

Colin Alexander of Solo Wings is their current: Technical Officer, Test Pilot, Testing Officer and Flying Instructor.

RAANZ are a CAA Part 149 certificated organisation with delegated authority to administer Microlight Pilot Certificates and rating, Microlight Instructor Certificates, Microlight Pilot hang-glider tow ratings and authorise Microlight Inspectors.

For information on becoming a Pilot, or for rules and regulations, forms, training manuals, exams, or information regarding local Aero Clubs you may wish to join, please follow: www.raanz.org.nz

Sport Aircraft Association NZ Incorporated (SAANZ)

Sport Aircraft - Build and fly with SAANZ - they will support you through every phase of choosing, building, testing and flying your preferred aircraft.

SAA work closely with the NZ Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to safeguard that legislation is supportive to their members' needs. They strive to achieve the greatest freedom of creativity without compromise to safety

Sport Aircraft Association NZ Incorporated is a very active non-profit organisation, with a diverse membership and over 500 ardent aircraft builders and fliers. Advice is freely given and assistance for your own project is readily available.

If you share a passion for sport flying and wish to know more regarding this organisation check www.saa.org.nz for further information.